St. Thomas Airport to St. John

After you have received your luggage at the St. Thomas airport, proceed outside to the taxi area.  There will be a man with a clipboard assigning people to taxis.  Request to go to the Red Hook ferry (it leaves for St. John every hour, on the hour from 6am until midnight).  The taxi ride can range from 30 minutes to an hour and cost anywhere from $12 – $20 a person.

When you get to the ferry dock, there will be a St. John ticket booth. It will be a $5 ferry ride, plus $2 for baggage handling and it takes approximately 20 minutes.

St. John Ferry Dock to The Inn at Tamarind Court

Once you arrive on St. John, you can choose to walk (5 minutes, up a slight hill) or take a taxi.  If you have a lot of luggage, have had a long day traveling or you are not yet use to the heat, please take the taxi.

If you choose a taxi: They will be waiting at the end of the dock. Ask them to take you to the Inn at Tamarind Court, $4/person.

If you choose to walk: Exit the dock and continue straight up the one way narrow street. At the next corner (you will see Connections on your left and First Bank on your right) continue straight up the street. You will pass Woody’s & La Tapa on your left and then pass a school on your right. Once you pass the ballpark, you’ll come to a roundabout – continue walking straight towards Rte 104 South. We are about 50 yards up from the intersection, located just behind a yellow gated fence on the left side of the street.

If you are arriving late: When you enter the courtyard, look to the right and see a yellow hut with white window shutters, that is the office.  Check the bulletin board next to the office door for late check-in information.  If you have any questions, the bartender is available.  Please, check-in with the office the following morning.

The Inn has a patron parking lot located behind the building.